Whatever the temperature, we can fit a door to suit your requirements and maximise efficiency

All coldroom door blades are manufactured using a polyisocyanurate core and have anodized aluminium surrounds for durability. Fermod Doors are hung from reinforced aluminium frames by means of Fermod  track systems along with Fermod handles and gaskets.

For freezer applications, low voltage heating elements are incorporated within the frame and threshold

Automatic coldroom doors can be activated by means of push button, pull chord, radar or remote control.

Insulated hinged doors

Hinged doors are made using polyisocyanurate cores, aluminium surrounds and incorporate a choice of Fermod hinges, gaskets and handles.

Rapid roll and curtain type doors

We are able to offer a full range of fast acting flexible doors which can be used to minimise cold-loss to heavily used door openings.

Insulated sectional vertical doors can also be supplied and fitted.

Heated glass display doors

Can be incorporated into coldroom walls to allow easy customer access to stored product. Frames include L.E.D lighting to enhance the product.

Light weight hygienic amenity doors

Using 40mm polyisocyanurate blade and aluminium / stainless frame, suitable for production areas and offices etc.

Vision panels can be incorporated into door blade.


We offer a range of vision panels with aluminium or UPVC surrounds using safety glass or polycarbonate.

For freezer applications coated, heated glass and frame heaters can be fitted.

Polyethylene Double Action Doors

Hygienic and durable for food production environments. Vision panels and door protection options available.

Automatic Bi-Parting Glass Entry Doors

Can be fitted to allow customers access to refrigerated sales areas and combined with vision panels to create an attractive entrance.