Insulated Panels

The insulated wall and ceiling panels we install are LPCB approved and incorporate the latest panel technology available

We are able to offer several types of insulation material to form the core of the modular wall and ceiling panels. Factors to take into account when selecting the ideal material for your requirements include wall height, ceiling span, fire resistance requirements, running temperature and budget.

Polyisocyanurate (PIR)

Suitable for use in both low and high temperature applications, PIR is lightweight and durable with an internal temperature range of +40°C to -40°C. PIR panels have been approved by the Loss Prevention Certification Board LPCB and Factory Mutual FM.

The classification means that insurers’ capacity to insure buildings built from LPCB approved panels is identical to that of those clad in other non-combustible materials. Thames Coldstore Insulation is an approved supplier of Kingspan Firesafe Kingspan Kingspan panels. More information can be found at

Polyurethane panels

Have a press-injected, flame retarded closed cell core and are CFC free. Jointing method is shallow tongue and groove and mechanical camlock.

Rockwool panels

Have an inert, non-combustible mineral fibre core suitable for high fire-risk areas but not low temperature areas. Rockwool can achieve up to four hours fire resistance and has been classified as “A1 non-combustible” under the new Euroclass reaction to fire classification and are LPCB and FM approved. Thames Coldstore Insulation is an approved supplier of Eurobond laminates Firemaster panels. More information can be found at

Panel facings

Standard facing for food applications is flat or lightly ribbed 0.55mm, hot dipped galvanised steel coated with foodsafe hard, white PVC. (class 1 surface spread of flame and fire propogation test result which complies with the requirements for a class ‘0’ surface as defined in par A8(b) of approval document B ‘fire’ UK building regs 1985.

Non critical areas finished in 0.55mm steel with primer coat only. Other available facing materials include stainless steel, polyester and HP200 colourcoat.

Glassboard (embossed F.R.P.) or 21mm aluminium ‘5 bar’ sheeting can be added to wall panels for impact protection.


Corner Joints are rebated and foamed on site. All wall and ceiling joints are pre-rebated. Internal corners are finished with white angle as standard. Two-part hygiene coving or easyclean can be fitted if preferred. For long ceiling spans, panels can be supported using ‘top hat’ ceiling suspension system connected to site steels (if suitable).